MTADL Metro Toronto Area Dart League
a dart league for all players of all levels
Scarborough, East York, North York, Etobicoke and Downtown Toronto
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Teams can accept new players (to a maximum of 10 players on the team) until there are only 5 weeks left in scheduled play. This means that if you join a team late in the season, you still have a chance to qualify for the playoffs.

Established in 1979, the MTADL is a co-ed league and open to anyone who is interested in playing competitive or recreational darts. The league's different divisions allow for beginners to meet and play while providing competitive dart players an atmosphere to participate in ranked league and Darts Ontario affiliate shoots.

Tuesdays are league night, while league sponsored money shoots, such as blind draws and ranked singles events are offered through the year. MTADL players also have the opportunity to play against other Ontario teams in local events, such as yearly league crossover challenges and in the Darts Ontario Singles/Doubles event in St. Catherine's and the All Star provincial shoots. MTADL has a history of sending teams in the past and has recently won the Second Division All Star Shoot.

Teams are sponsored by pubs and bars, which become the teams' home bars. League teams then spend half their nights at home and the other half traveling to venues within the Toronto area. Currently, most venues are located along Yonge Street and Danforth Avenue, with a couple not far away.

The season begins in late September and runs through April. All players over 19 years of age with a set of darts are welcome.


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